Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis & First Soldier a Good case of license exploitation

There were a bunch of announcements by SQUARE-ENIX on new Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS5 a Mobile game and a battle royale mode!?

What got me excited were the announcement for iOS and Android version of the Final Fantasy VII remakes along with a compilation of other old game series like crisis core, Dirge of Cerberus and Before Crisis that were remade for mobile.

The game is a remake of the classic FFVII for PS1 it seems to merge both some of the Aesthics of the modern remake with some nostalgia of the Past.

Bar in Seventh Heaven
Boming Mission
Zack is back

FINAL FANTASY The First Soldier is a battle Royal Mode with Final Fantasy characters? It seems to be about SOLDIER organization being formed.

Exploiting IP License

This is a good case of license exploitation (May not sound like a good word, but its a good thing) but if you own your IP you can translate it to different mediums, platforms and art styles.

The Battle Royale Mode can seem to work in the world of FFVII since it sounds like its about SOLDIER organisation being formed. Though I am not to hopeful about its story content. It can work from a gameplay perspective. I think SQ-E probaly saw some of the BR games on mobile taking off and decided to make one for FF.

Square-Enix back during the FFXIII Days were experimenting with Poly-morphic content they did mobile when it was still a flip phone, PSP and DS and PS3,XBOX360. And in the last FFXV installment they did venture into making a more mobile frieldly version of the game called FFXV Pocket Edition, which was later ported to switch. I am hoping the FFVII Ever Crisis compilation does that too.

I did not get to play Dirge of Cerberus and I think Before Crisis was a mobile Game? I feel the bundling of these games will give the FFVII brand a push and allow others without consoles to enjoy these games. Based on the trailers these are full remakes of the game into mobile friendly artstyles with portrats so a lot of dev work is going into them I am not sure how they would do Advent Children though.

Some Fans Can’t wait for the Mobile Game. Can’t say the same about the battle royale. Definaly looking forward to the mobile editions of FFVII Compilations.


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