UFO Unity dev Log 1



From Flickr User Clodius-22

After learning unreal I decided to switch to Unity3d, one reason was the tutorial resources, less relying on blueprints in UE4 and learning to code / script in text based more.

One of the small game projects I came up with is to make a  UFO shooting game and collecting stars.

This is what I made so far in about 11-14 days.


One thing that surprised me was learning C# was really easy to pick up than blueprints. Somehow going through a lot of menus in Unreal was not so fun on different actors. I also like that code can be resued on different game objects easily without having to wire up things again.

These are the Tutorials I used to get this far into making the game

Unity Beginner UFO Game


An old Tutorial but still relevant.

Brackeys for the Bullet shooting


void FireLazer()


if (Input.GetButtonDown("Jump"))


Instantiate(laserSprite, firePoint.position, firePoint.rotation);

laserSound.Play(); //playSound()


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