Organic Reach Down – Alex Becker Quit Youtube to have fun

 It not the usual quitting videos.

I have not watch Alex Becker in a while but this video he talks about the how YouTube is algorithms only lifts videos that show entertain low quality content. But there is more to it.

I wrote something before about doing social media instead of a website and during the pandemic lockdown I was trying things out except it took a lot of work and effort with little results or benefits. I do like YouTube and TikTok but that is a full time job in itself.

I feel that most of the social platforms are too similar and it takes a lot of time to create for these platforms. I feel that you need to focus on it full time and not casually like Alex says. Though some want casual commits with result, I don’t think this is possible today. Most the organic reach is down.

That is why I went back to blogging instead of doing these platforms. I read something about keeping a blog instead of Instagram. This space is something I can control and have my own fun.

I do think the age of doing YouTube as a solo fun thing is over. You need to go full time. Its important to choose which treadmill you want to be the best at.

Here are some things he talk about:

You Need to be a fulltime Youtuber to see traction on the channel these days. It takes a lot of time to edit and make it engaging. That makes it hard to compete with the full time YouTubers if you are doing it part time.

YouTube may not be good for building a business like in the past of organic posting. Unless you want to sell through running ads.

The things Alex want to talk about is high level business stuff and not low level edutainment videos. He sees low level content rise on youtube. Unfortunaly the high level content is not attention grabing or algorithm friendly. Maybe most Youtube is for Low level entertainment and its fine

There is not much else he wants say about the topics for Self-Improvment unless he wants to sell a course. he made it to help and not sell courses.

He also thinks the best way is not to keep watching YouTube to improve yourself.

He think being an influencer is great though it had it perks and fun but it’s not meant for certain personality types. He rather focus on his business which is Hyros I think.

He does not like the unwanted attention that comes with influences.

He want my creativity to be my products in the world and not on social media posts.

You Can’t be good at everything. You need to FOCUS whether its YouTuber or Making products. You have to choose.

Steve jobs never talked about instagram and building a following. He spent time building products.

He talks about wanting to make games and if he were to do it, a big shift will be needed on his channel. He actually did some game coding and talks about Hideo Kojima doing games and not YouTube or worry about his following.

People change when he did YouTube in the 20s and Compared to where he is in his 30s its different.

its not all bad being an influencer or YouTube if that is what you want. You can’t be the best if you don’t do it Full Time.

Its important to have fun and know why you are doing content.

P.S this was not the last time Alex Quit he talked about quitting YouTube and Instagram to focus on his businesses.

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