Desk Thoughts – So strange A lot of Internet Marketing blog follows

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Recently I have been getting quite a lot of likes on marketing related content on this blog. While this is good, I am not really an internet marketer. And I find this unusual with the activity on As with any centralized internet system this is bound to happen. Not sure if the algorithmn is doing this?

I maybe suspect Marketers are jumping on the passive income blogging train. Could blogging be making a comeback? A lot of the blogs have titles like “Internet Marketing” or Entrepreneur Lifestyle, some have a lot of articles some not. I am not so sure if there are bots on fake or real ones posing.

I am not sure if these other have the built in Network effects but my topics are really niche mostly about game dev, anime and some musings, so this cloud be a fluke shot. I don’t know why but it feels like Marketing topics get a lot of hits. I have not really done much SEO tinkering since I closed my other blog and ported all the content in here last August.

Right now the focus will be to scale things more towards making games and transmedia. Highly doubt it might generate a lot of interests.

One thing I like about blogging is it’s easier to do than YouTube or TikTok as not a lot of time investment or effort (Writing this on a Phone). Though results can be dismal in terms of readership. I also like that you can put in multiple media in a post. Text I beleive will sustain longer term and is easily translated into different languages than audio visuals.

I have to thank these two post for attracting the swarm

I don’t want to turn this into an internet marketing blog, though I may write some marketing I find interesting for Games and Transmedia or Animation.

hopefully it’s not the Bot 🤖

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