Forspoken previously Project Athia


This was part of the Sqaure Enix Presents online event which was mostly trailers showing through the product lineup.

I foresee this is going to be the way with Marketing games with in person events going away. It will be announced on social media and through online ads.

Athia the name of the land which was the code name of the project.

Seems like they are going for a Out of Place character that gets draw into a fantasy world.

While rem here is some theory that it’s connected to the FF XV world I think it can stand as an original on its own.

Luminous Productions

luminous productions a nice history summary about the company that is making AAA games.

Agni’s Philosophy

I believe this game perhaps there was a link back to the old tech demo Agni’s Philosophy but they swapped the character to be less Final Fantasy like to more greek medieval fantasy.


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