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Clubhouse 👋 the next platform or FOMO

When you get into the Clubhouse. Image From Poppy Hill via

So finally got into the clubhouse. Thanks to a friend invite.

This app can give you FOMO. But it’s an interesting or not so interesting take on how it access your address book. (Sign Up Process here)

I previously tried to sign up for clubhouse last month as I wanted to hear a talk. But I did not know anyone in that network. And just like real life if you don’t have anyone in your circle you can’t get into the door 🚪


Clubhouse does not let you easily sign up for the service you need to be invited. this is a good tactic to create hype for interest in a new social app. And creates FOMO when you hear of some cool talk with a celeb but can’t listen in.

Then I finally got in thanks to a friend who nominated me.

Possible Downsides

Joining clubhouse This can create some interesting revelations of who you are valuable to your network. Based on who is in or out a network. But there are some there that did not put in their contacts and get a lot of follows.

Once in Clubhouse ask who you want to invite in. But you only have two invites. While it is good to limit it can create this fomo in others as some have share about clubhouse on Social Media, but they can’t invite others in.

Clubhouse does not work in your busy schedule, since most conversations are happening in real time and at the moment there is no audio replays.

The whole point maybe it’s for networking. And hustle people seriously there is a lot of rooms about investing, business and marketing, some politics and tech and NFTs. One thing about clubhouse is there are many early adopters like Seth Godin says, they may drive the future culture or use cases for the platform. These folks may define the platform like how the younger teens defined TikTok. I see it may become a professional type place if there are less scammy Gurus there.

Its also yet another fragmentation into the media platform for audio and its a time suck. I doubt it will be for everyone. Since clubhouse competes with your time for family and other things.

Some users were complaining that it’s a never ending chat. It’s another app platform that will cut into your life so you will need to evaluated it is worth it for the future. I am still exploring this.

Clubhouse boring

Most of the channels or Rooms seem to be of VIP celebrities of Tech or Entertainment. Which can attract a lot of marketers to the platform or some startup entrepreneurs looking to connect.

I see there are other channels but it seems that Clubhouse popularity rose due to the VIP Tech elected promoting it. Even Zucks is on it.

I have not found anything useful yet as it seems very marketer driven or celebrity style audio show. I managed to get into a Q&A session with a tech founder and found it more pleasant than the random rooms you join. But these were promoted on other social media channels beforehand.

I do hope the other channels expand to include niche topics. Still looking for the (Squaresoft Anime Club)

Potentials Gains

The start of Social Audio

Despite the downsides I feel there is a lot of gain. Clubhouse has demonstrate thanks to the pandemic we want to connect digitally not full on video like zoom or less on text which can cause misunderstanding but audio seems to be the sweet spot.

Some of the Potential use case is meeting someone without the facial vanity needed in person. So audio voice is a nice in between video and text. This is good for introverts.


Clubhouse is exclusive which is a good thing here, means it’s will exclude those that this shows that there is social proof you are in just like in the real club.

You have to be in the now yes it will keep pinging you notifications, since this is spontaneous rather than preplanned, but it’s better than the Asynchronous Nature of social media so if you miss a chat you miss a chat. It makes it feel finite.

I think it may be the next platform for audio based speakers 🔊 to be. Especially for the sight disability folks since it’s all audio based. But these features have yet to be implemented at this time.

Clubhouse may be good for those camera shy folks or introverts. It’s just use you voice as seen in Japan there is a surge where there are more introverts. This is giving rise to the new term “Audio Influencer”.

I am waiting for Twitter Spaces and Facebook Clubhouse clone. I believe like the Forbes article mentioned there is room for more than 1 Social Audio App.

Clubhouse will change social media it’s the 2nd platform to come out of the pandemic after TikTok.

For Transmedia and Games?

I attended a talk by Jeff Gomez on Social Audio and think this can be good for voice actors and creators to do in person audio interviews. There can be live audio dramas and since it’s audio based you don’t need the fancy visuals.

I am more fascinated into how stories and Transmedia worlds can be brought to life through audio and sound effects to build up a story world

I am not sure how clubhouse will be in the future or how it will replace social media which I dread already or it might make networking worse. I find it a yet another distraction while it may be a fun alternative to networking events I doubt it will fully replace existing social media at this stage but it’s something I want to watch out for in creating the next Transmedia products.

I do see the potential of audio as the next medium that is rising, and it might be a good way to engage with future fans, since the medium is low friction to consume, you can multitask while listening.

Audio is having its moment now a step up from podcasts and thanks to the pandemic social audio is poised for growth based on this Forbes article. I am more curious about Twitter and other Apps that will come up. like Facebook implementation. I have done a bit of Discord voice chats so not sure how they will respond.

I am not sure if I want to be an “Audio Influencer” there is something different between an Audio Experience and a Networking Social Audio.

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