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Ok I am a part time creator. I don’t really want to quit my full time job for now. I recently stumbled across this post on indie hackers about being a Part Time Creator.

The original post may have been about Indiehackers launching a side business, but it can apply to Influencers, Devs, game makers or artists.

I am in the process of learnjng how to make a game and other small experiments. See my Now Page. I think it’s quite risky to go all in depending on your life stage. Some things need to be settled firsts it’s different for everyone.

I do agree with the Manifesto. That not all side hustles leads to the success we see online.

Also not all will succeed in their ventures.

But the majority of us will never get there.90% of creators on Gumroad make less than $20k a year. 

part-time manifesto

  • It’s about self-sufficiency: what you learn shipping something from end to end.

  • It’s about self-actualization: having creative control and autonomy and not ending the week with nothing.

  • It’s about long term games: building a personal network and reputation that will outlast any employer.

  • It’s about optionality: having a backup plan if something goes wrong, and incubating dozens of business ideas that could be big, creating luck for yourself.

After writing this Maybe someday I might go full time, but this is a timely reminder that you don’t need to go Full Time on your idea initially.

Some things I need to learn

Outsource the side stuff like blogging and things I don’t want to do or don’t have expertise in and focus on the main thing. But this is probably done when J have a better handle after shipping things.

Keep shipping things

some other things mentioned is the Stair Step Approach, which I read from How to Market a Game by Chris Zukowski (Adventure Man). This while applies to making your SaaS app is applicable in approaching something like creation which is not quite clear initially.


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