Ikumi Nakamura Archpiel Video

Ikumi Nakamura new studio

Via a video from Archipel (Do Support Them). Read this on Games Industry.

Quite a few news about Devs in Japan like the Ex Siren Devs forming a game Studio “Bokeh Studio” to make horror games after the Sony Japan Dev Studio Re-organization.

I remembered she left the team making Ghost Wire Tokyo where she was a creative director. And her Viral presentation at e3 2019 put her on the popular meme map. In the video she mentions she did not follow the announcement rehearsal due to panic of presenting to a live audience but it’s important to be honest with yourself.

I like that with the new studio she wants to change part of the culture maybe it might be her becoming a parent. She was probably worried about her Health with the long hours and desk sleeping at work taking a tool on colleagues. She got out before it was too late. Sometimes I wonder how one can be creative if you are not healthy and rested up. I guess one of the others things I like is she likes diversity. People that are curios even if they can’t speak the language. Which is a good value to have being more inclusive at the new studio.

There is no name for the studio at the moment but I like that she might take a more light hearted approach to game development. She does like dead pool though and mentions she would like to do more dark jokes. I do look forward to new IP and interesting games from veterans that are going indie.

Silent Hill Director Keiichiro Toyama Says Bokeh Game Studio is Collaborating With a Famous Creator on a New Project

I remember writing a blog post in 2019 where she became an internet meme during her presentation of Ghost Wire Tokyo. I am looking forward to that Spooky game

Hopefully there are some of the values and thoughts that can be transferred into other arenas besides game development I like how the video was more of a thought exploration of how things can be while still interviewing her about her experiences. Looking forward to the new game IP.



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