Activision Blizzard CEO and Pay

Activision Blizzard gets into the news for the wrong reasons. With the company said to pay its layoff employees in Battle.Net gift Cards. (Though is is not the case see Hoeg Law Video 24:54 ) And there is a rift divide between gamers and their products and a lackluster blizzcon 2021.

But despite the challenging year Activision Has had a good 2020 year for its company with high engagements and earnings. Check out this interview with Mike Milken.

Although much have been said about Bobby Kotick being a greedy CEO he does understand the business of games and it’s difference between other mediums like film and TV.

He was also influenced by Steve Jobs a lot when he was an early young entrepreneur running a software company making Apple Mac software. Which could have influenced some of his management style and running a company. Just a guess.

Activison Blizzard unfortunately is a rather big multi national company so layoffs will be common as it fine tunes it’s machinery. It can be lacking a soul at times and heart, for those in there. But they are able to churn out games very quickly and respond to market conditions rather fast as well.

Not so simple Payout

In Hoeg Law video essay there is a conclusion that he did not receive the $200 Million, since it’s tied up with the company stock performance and there is tax filings they have to do before he gets his bonus. This is towards the end of the video.

Actually for a company size like Activision Blizzard they gave the layoff employees 3 Months Pay and a year of healthcare this was also mentioned at the end of the video, unfortunately media headlines rule instead of common sense or more deeper questions.

But he does question the timing of this bonus when the pandemic is on and the inequality it is creating.


Check out Hoeg Law and His YouTube gives a good explanation. Which it can be debated on his performance it looks like this Payout was worked into his contract already.

there was also another video on the wage revolt in Blizzard previously but it seems to be lesser known.

I do hope Blizzard And Activision Employees get treated fairly and the dev teams are able to continue to work on the Excellent IPs they own and create new ones.

Having Options

As a salaried person it’s always good to have alternate income especially in times like these where things can change when the company needs to cut losses. Also another method is to have deep skills that can’t be replicated. An e.g Being an influencer is easily replaced (Virtual Influencers Coming) if not paired with other skills, than someone writing code and design.

CNBC Interview with Bobby during Pre-COVID Times

More lighter interview with Bobby Kotick you will have to go to the link below for the video

Audio Version


in defence of BlizzCon

layoffs battle net gift cards?

CNBC Evolve Summit interview with Bobby Kotick

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