NFTs are a trap waiting for the bubble pops

I don’t really look much into crypto cause it can be crazy but the NFT craze right now is something that has gotten the mainstream sitting up. But it’s a trap as Seth Godin Puts it.

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Even DC batman is getting into NFT. There will be a lot of copyright infringement that will happen right now there are Twitter bots that are stealing art for sale on NFTs

Some caution ⚠️

I feel that NFTs are super bubbly right now similar to the 2000s internet bubble what separate that time from now is the speed and diffusion of information with FOMO and Hype all rolled into one ☝️

I also feel that it’s taking a lot of computing power which is bad for the environment maybe Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure might solve this.

Warch Toniko Pantoja video clip that highlight the issues surrounding NFTs and the controversies surrounding the artists making NFT Art. It’s feels like the gold rush of the early internet and the winners will be those selling the shovels which are the platforms holders. There is also a lot of scams around the minting or selling of NFT art.

Right now I feel as an artist creators NFTs are a distraction which has no true value outside of the digital. I wonder what will happen once this goes mainstream.

NFT Hidden Fees

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