Apple Social Media

I find it strange for a big brand like Apple they have no social media presence or maybe not. They execute it differently.

Check out this video on how Apple uses Social media. its brand is highly divisive and attracts a lot of attention both positive and negative. I feel that when you are this well know you don’t really need social media prescense. The only place they do post is YouTube which is due to it being free hosting for video. But no comments.

But apple does run ads on Social media and use it for other support. One thing that the video creator forgot to mention is Apple have each iPhone and Mac user email they do blast a lot of Announcment updates and Product Launches.

Maybe when a Brand is that well know they don’t have to worry about paying a lot of attention to social media. I feel that Apple wants to capitalise on Word of Mouth Marketing its still an old tried and true technique though slower but it has a lot more trust than just blasting a target ad campaign on social media.

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