Resident Evil Village Marketing Lady Dimitrescu Going Viral

Did Capcom knew they had a hit of a character on their hands?

During a playstation show it was revealed Lady’s Dimitrescu height.

Playstation event featuring Capcom Vampire Lady

yes Lady Dimetris is 9 Feet. And Capcom has Capitalized on this in all their marketing efforts. And it’s not just because it’s the flovour of the month.

who wants ice-cream

[Art by Marmalade Mum]

Life Size Lady Dimitriscu towering over would be gamer fans

Viral Hit

Sometimes I wonder if the Developers of Resident Evillage know they had an internet hit on their hands.

This is the best form of marketing that gets travelled by word of mouth 👄 The benefits of going viral. Not just in. The games where it deals with viruses 🦠 🧟‍♂️ and 🧛‍♀️ 🦇

Just looking at these marketing materials Capcom is really playing to their character hooks of Lady Dimetrisce being a large Vampire lady. Maybe they have unknowingly discovered a new type of hook for gamers that like horror style games.

Actuall we don’t know if a character will pop but when something good goes viral go for it.

One thing I feel is the fan art community is an important thing to watch, Thanks to them making fan fantasies and Fan Art. They can help spread the character and game brand. This push the game popularity forward.

When people make fan art of your characters there is a higher chance for the success, for the game sales due to the higher interest. You can see it being shared everywhere on social media.

Some take away is that for a piece of media project, it can be an advantage to have a character that is unique with appeal, and easily redrawn or having fans able to become and dress up as that character.

Any game dev or indie dev would like their project going viral. But it can be hard to predict what would be the flavour of the month.


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