Marketing a business without social media

An old Atari Console ad. There was no social media back then but it still sold

This is something I have been thinking about how to make it selling a product without social media. I wonder if there are other ways to sell products without social media.

One reason is social media has quite limited organic reach these days unless you are a first mover into the platform. There are some advantages to the platforms but it requires you to be constantly in the conversation since it feels like a never ending party.

You may also not want to engage on these platforms as it takes a lot of time to make content.

Other methods to Marketing

Here is a video I found on YouTube talking about alternative methods to using social media for marketing.

Marketing a business without social media

Some alternatives mentioned:

Pitching to a podcast about what to do.

Building up an email list with Newsletter. This is something I keep hearing a lot to have an email list and I myself have subscribe to various emails and made purchases.

I am not sure if selling games can do this, but it reminds me of the older days email can somehow build a asynchronous relationship with potential buyers.

Another video

Use YouTube as a tool for SEO. While I feel SEO can be overrated it’s still a useful tool if you have video production capabilities and time to edit engaging videos.

Blog post are good if they are setup well for SEO through google or other search engines it’s a passive way to market a business.

Podcast have been gaining popularity and it can be a good way to engage with users. Though I feel it’s more for creating awareness rather than direct selling.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is still the most powerful among all the marketing techniques. I feel that it has better chance at convincing another user than just blasting ads.

One book I discovers is Word of Mouth Marketing by Andy Sernovitz. The ideas seem similar to Seth Godin about getting ideas to spread.

This is to get social signal for your product.

You can get his book here:


Some of the methods mentioned it is some tried and true alternatives to social media. It may be better depending on your ability to create contents. I feel that if you can get a direct relationship with the user through email, it will be better longer term. And not depend on the platforms.

One thing for sure once you create your product or art you have to tell it to the world. Even back in the day poets put up ads in the newspapers.

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