Unity3d how to slow down the game speed standalone build

Are your Unity Standalone builds run very fast on some computers?

It’s a new problem with some modern AMD and Intel PCs.

But I managed to find a solution from 2013 thanks to the Unity3d forums.


This has to do with the small piece of code where its updating everyframe instead of 1 frame per second.

The remedy is to update the it to Time Flow Update rather than Frame Update. This is what I roughly get though I am not hardware code guy.

You can move the code to FixedFrameUpdate() or use Time.DeltaTime in your C# codes.

here is the sample that was provided.

 //Frame rate Dependent(Bad)
       //Move 1x/frame
       transform.position += new Vector3(1,0,0);
//Frame rate Independent
       //Move 1x/sec
       transform.transform.position += new Vector3(1,0,0) * Time.deltaTime;

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