Kojima Xbox story business

What the Kojima Xbox story tell me as a “business designer”

When there is a lot of media rumors of xbox paying Kojima for his next project causing some Sony fans anxiety. There is something to learn about how important the biz dev is.

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This is just my observation and wearing a business hat 🧢 viewing from the various podcast, YouTube media and David Jaffe rants and what I know about making products.

Take Aways from all this:

Who Can Pay?

It’s important to know who can pay for your services. If you are expensive. Kojima if we use the term “Gaming Auteur” he is considered one of the last Gaming Designers that have a brand name that can propel a game value higher on day one sales.

If you have premium content and knowing it sells with your personal brand, you can negotiate with an entity that can pay that higher price.

I don’t know how much Death Stranding cost but getting Norman Redus would have cost a lot, though Sony would be in a better position than Konami as they have movie business to help with the deal negotiating.

For reference Kojima Last game with Konami MGSV cost around 80 Million Dollars. So I except that Death Stranding to cost more about double of MGSV.

So Microsoft having bought Zenimax / Bethesda for about 7.5 Billion, I think they can afford Kojima Next Game.

What do you value?

What do you value? If both your values and the other entity have the same values, it’s a closer March.

Having control is important if you value creativity and your own vision. I feel that Kojima being a gaming Auteur he has a strong vision for a game. While that is cool and all as an artist. I am not so sure if the current playstation wants that kind of high art games depending on what Death Stranding numbers were like in sales.

It may be better to seek funding from an organisation that has resources and plans to expand for experimental content if that is what Microsoft Xbox values and growing a diverse portfolio of games.


Relationships count.

Relationships count. Kojima had a good working relationship with Andrew House back then in 2015 when Kojima Productions Launched.

There is rumors about Sony going blockbuster games style in their portfolio of games. While I think Kojima Productions is capable to make blockbuster games, I am not sure if the new management wants something from him. The original playstation management that worked with Kojima is now gone. So directions of the playstation brand and games portfolio changes.

Biz Dev

Business Development is important. Especially if the cost of cranking out one of these AAA products will cost you.

While some fans see it as a loss it’s really about securing future business. I think Kojima going to Xbox is a good thing anyway his last 2 games came to PC and with many of these platforms competing for distribution, I can see it will be good to build an audience on another platform.

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