Artstation just got EPIC!

Artstation is joining Epic games. And this is a good thing you can read more from their announcement.

First off, Epic is lowering the standard platform-holder fee on the ArtStation Marketplace from a 30% cut of sales to 12%, bringing it in line with what Epic takes from revenues generated by third-party developers on the Epic Games Store.

Second, it will make the ArtStation Learning streaming video service free for ArtStation subscribers for the remainder of the year.

from GamesIndustry.Biz

But my questions is what is the End Game? I can see EPIC being very generous, espicially with marketplace fees, but I see this is just a build up to their octopus platform business where they own different pillars that will controbute to the metaverse.


Games From Scratch – epic-acquires-artstation

Venture Beat Article: Epic Games acquires ArtStation to foster an online marketplace for artists

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