Giving Pixiv Sketch a go

Image from

I discovered Pixiv Sketch from the creators of the Japanese ArtPlatform. Its a good free tool to use to make drawings on the web on Mobile Tablets.

Anyways Pixivi Sketch is a good 😌 starting place for beginners 🖼 There is a good baseline of features in the app to get you started drawing. As for tutorials… only found 1 on the official youtube channel.

there are two version one you can use online in the browser and another in an app for iOS Apple and Android

I am going to give drawing a go more maybe make a web comic someday using this on Pixvi.

I rememvered signing up for it long ago in 2010? (Can’t Remember) 🥲Weep (0_o) the website has been revamped to accommodate English speaking users.

This is my Pixiv account:

Use the Translate in Youtube Desktop for seeing the Subtitles in english

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