Renderware the Engine of an Era

Found this very nice video essay on Renderware by Criterion Games, Makers of Burnout Paradise. Unfortunaltely when EA bought the company criterion over, they kind of dissolved this engine. Who knows maybe they could have been where Unreal and Unity is Now. It was an established platform during the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube Era.

Some of the popular titles made with it include the GTA series and Sonic. Criterion Black and Burnout. The last renderware game was there remastered Burnout paradise game.

Maybe when GTA heard about the EA buying render ware they decided to make their own game engine and not rely on a third party.

These day Criterion Games seems to be a shell of its former self where they help EA as a support studio. I do hope they might consider making an engine of their own again and revisit some of their old franchises such as Burnout and the Beyond Cars Project make a comeback.

Game Engine Rankings from 1999 to 2020. Unreal and Unity now is on Top.
Slideshare Choosing a game engine

Renderware ModDb

Slide to Doc on Renderware Game Engine GDC 09

Old Archived Renderware Website

Old Presentation on the Renderware Platform

PS2 Renderware examples
Citerion Logos Renderware EA
Evolution of Renderware Game Engine and Games
Renderware Tech Demo 1994

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