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I am not sure if you heard of Sam Ovens. The consulting guy with loads of Facebook Ads (Though there is not much activity now).

One thing he teaches is different kind of business thinking. He is off social media and does not have many product line for his online business he just sells one thing.

He talks about building things that are hard and have deep moat that’s how you keep competition out. He does take some things to the extreme. But you need a lot of monk like focus or are wired similar.

Some of these videos are free from his YouTube Sam Ovens and a Fan Page

Now I am not intending to be a consultant but some of the mindsets apply back to being a Developer Creator.

But as with all things do take what he says with a little bit of simplification as outlined in this website

Sam Ovens Scam?

Some Good videos by Sam Ovens

most of these have been edited down from Webinars and his own Vlogs.

Sam Ovens on Sacrifice and Asymetric Returns
No Social Media
Social Media Addiction
Long Term Thinking
Don’t Create more content. Gave the Example of Casey Niestat

This last one is really hitting me cause its so true I have been feeling a lot of content fatigue from these apps. Hearing him talk about Casey who is a huge YouTube Personality and not able to launch his business properly. I do feel that I want to add some audio and video contents to this website but not playing the social media game. I think is best left to a team of marketers.

Gaining Laser Focus in a Distracted World
Choosing a Niche

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