Cyllista Game Engine – Project Awakening

Project Awakening a game by CyGames is rolling out their own game engine.

Cyllista editor

It looks like they are using Python PyBind and C++ for the engine, based on the google translation on their Engineer Blog website:

I do feel that having higher level languages such as Python can speed up production since you don’t have to recompile. This is something I hope Unreal can adopt more.

Speaker Deck

But it is interesting for C++ game engines. I think currently Unreal has some beta Python features.

Previous look at Project Awakening that was using this engine. And a few more report by MBG on the game.

I do hope more info can be given on this engine in English once this game is out.

A logo for Project Awakening

Right now the game Project Awakening is being developed together with the engine at the same time so that is why the game showcase is slower.

One other interesting thing mention in the Twinfinite article is that future tech might allow the engine work between smartphones and consoles like ps5 and Xbox SX

On top of that – while he can’t say for sure yet – he believes that the borders between console games and smartphone games will blur in the future, and developers will be able to work on games without having to focus on one or the other camp.

Tago-san adds that one of the reasons Cygames is working on engine development is to be able in the future to produce console-quality games on smartphones. It’ll be possible to adapt quickly if the engine can handle both.


Unreal Python

Project Awakening:

Twinfinite project-awakening-creators-discuss-development-its-advanced-engine-cyllista-on-famitsu:

Speaker Deck CyGames on Cyllista Game Engine

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