Unreal Engine 5 Early Access

An early access build of Epic Next game engine has dropped. You can now have an early access to Unreal engine 5 and experience their new Nanite, Lumens Technology. There is also new updates to their Audio and Animation Systems.

Valley of Ancients demo

One of the other things I am keen to try is the in editor IK system to animate meta humans. As well as not doing LODs on Zbrush models.

At the moment their Demo valley of Ancients seem a lot of desert that is doing a good showcase of their new tech. But if you looked at one of the videos it shows Nanite that this is only limited to static meshes.

I am not sure if the performance trade offs you need I feel it will kill my laptop. from the demo it looks like the creature robot uses nanite but on closer inspection its a lot of static meshes linked to a skeleton mesh. See Ninja Sensei Video.

One thing I am interested to see hooked up more easily is linking Unreal Engine Networking modules to the blockchain for On Chain Games. I am not sure if there are plugins written for it but it would be interesting to develop through the engine for the blockchain.

Early access demo of the editor from Unreal.

Other Dev Previews

Matt Workman on CineTracer takes a first look at Unreal 5

Ninja Sensei talks about UE5 and some limitations of Nanite

Games from Scratch Demos

Cherno talks first reaction to Unreal Engine 5


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  2. 3D Art It: https://www.3dart.it/en/unreal-engine-5-early-access/

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