Palia Stardew Valley Animal Crossing Minecraft MMO

Palia a game by ex riot and Blizzard Developers now forming their own company Singularity 6. Their mission sounds big to move games beyond entertainment. On their medium blog they are ventured backed for this first game.

Game feels a lot like harvest moon with an MMO. It has a very relaxing vibe to it. There is my guess crafting, farming and decorating your home.

Palia Welcome Home MMO

from their website

Sign up for the game Pre Alpha here

With the announcement of Palia, we are on the path to making our vision a reality. Palia is a community simulation MMO set in a high fantasy world. This cozy world invites you to build a life possible only in your dreams while making new friends along the way.

We Are Singularity 6

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  2. Sign up here:
  3. Singularity 6 Mission
  4. MMO Culture

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