I am a Generalist

I am slowly coming to terms being a generalist. One video that caught my attention was Tested host Adam Savage who addressed this on his YouTube episode. He was asked the question if he lamented being a generalist in his career.

Adam Savage on YouTube answers questions on Being a Generalist

Link to YouTube Tested

To that he discussed some pros and cons

But the reason he liked being a generalist is he feels he likes to learn a lot and accquire skills. Yes he won’t be the best in the world at that skill but he is able to pull out from his bag different maker skills for the job. In fact learning is what resonated with me and thus I consider myself a generalist at the end of the day.

In fact he ends up saying he specializes in being a generalist.

I feel that being a generalist is one way to learn many different things. And its useful going now into a world that is getting disrupted.

One thing to stand out as a generalist is to combine two to threes different skills in a mix. This is something mention by Dilbert creator in an interview with Tim Ferris.

I plan to explore more in another post about specialisation in a career.

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