Airship Bluehole game AIR to Elyon

AIR Original Concept Art via Reddit

This game by the makers of PUBG Bluehole Games started out as AIR (Ascent into Realms)

Frist trailer in 2017 Lots have changed since. Krafton Korean Trailer

While it’s a MMORPG style action game with some flying elements I thought it was interesting. But it has since changed its name to Elyon.

I think the concept is interesting though I am trying to find another Airship game but can’t seem to find others besides this. I might try it out with out the RPG parts.

Here is the latest trailer

Looks like the Airship Gameplay is still intact.

Character Designs

Concept Art Gallery FB


AIR Imgur Gallery:

Krafton Korean Trailer

Facebook AIR Elyon EU Page

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