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CG BOSS Desk Thoughts #10 – Content Creation and Tech

I have not updated much about desk thoughts. But here goes. It’s a long one about my content creation and thinking about the next 20 years.

Note: This was written earlier this year only decided to publish it as I decided not much else to it.

WordPress still rules

WordPress Blogger

I have tried to make this blog into a business. Trying to sell digital products or turn this into a news kind of site. But sadly I think I would rather this be my personal journal of my time as a creative. Exploring different things. Yes I know if I turn it into a niche blog it will have more authority but like the Alex Becker Post I want to have fun.

I have been looking at alternative platforms such as Squarespace, webflow, static sites heck even making my own blogging software in Django. But I keep coming back to WordPress and

Now of course it will be cool to roll my own system such as Django, but I feel that WordPress and have solved most of the work flows for publishing content online with regards to blogs. Yes there is some limits to the design and embeds but if this site ever takes off I can pay for additional features. Or get my own own hosting.

I feel that it’s the best freemium service ( for now for me. While everyone is on new social media such as clubhouse, TikTok or whatever new fad is coming I still feel strongly that it’s important to keep a blog and own your content. So that you can look back at what you have written.

Blogging Easier than Ever

Blogging and writing somehow allows you to think clearly through writing something I picked up quite a while back during my time at General Assembly where we wrote on medium. Which is kind of defunct for me I rarely go there now.

Blogging is one of the easier mediums to learn and easy to produce. But hard to master. made it easy to craft this post on mobile. But writing can be still hard in an age of visual media.

I still want to take a try at video media since if I need to communicate visually words may not suffice.

Adding More Visuals

I am thinking to get back experimenting with creating quick videos podcast or short 1min to 10 min videos on some stuff I am working on.

I don’t know if people will still read text or if it will be still relevant but I can be safely sure that this platform ( will be around for a long time.

Making Games is hard

While I did experiment somewhat with Twitch and a bit of Podcasting. I still feel that words / text are going to last longer and is more easily transportable between systems. I do intend to add more multimedia such as Gifs and videos to make it more visual and auditory based and blog post can do both.

I recently complete a short Ultralearning project which was to teach myself game engine this one I learnt was Unity3d. I spent about 4 months this year with an additional Month in May to tidy some stuff up.

It’s still very prototype feel and not that polished. I am only just scratching a bit on the Unity Engine.

I would want to use what I learned and figure out a more repeatable way to make a game.

What’s next in 20 years?

Blockchain and NFT and Crypto

I have dabbled a bit into some of the blockchain based platforms like Hive, Publish0x and Odyssee. Looks interesting use cases for blockchain and crypto publishing.

I wrote that NFT is a trap for now and am looking into how to utilise this in the future. The cost of minting a crypto art is still high but there will be alternatives. there is definitely something interesting happening here.

NFT may be a new type of social currency. Can it make money foe you? Well the same old rules of what is in it for the buyer still prevails. What can you offer through this token mechanism.

Gaming and blockchain will collide along with new franchises and characters. I think it will be a long tail platform similar to YouTube where most won’t get discovered or monetised but it is still an avenue where you can use to bring new projects on and get paid.

Cannot Chase two Rabbits

I am re-reading or recalling some of the notes I had for One THing by Gary Keller.

It is impoosible to do two things.

Right now my focus is on Game Dev. That means less time for blogging, podcasting and streaming.

I am trying to do some Digital Marketing or Streaming on my own to promote a game someday. But these efforts are little to none. Its quite saturated over there and another specialization task that needs full attention.

I still view myself as a product developer and less of an influencer (marketer) though marketing is important for projects. One problem I faced is lack of market research I am still learning as Garry Tan Puts it.

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