UI/UX For Destiny

Have not played this game a lot but I had a nice time with creating my character and learning and upgrading my character stats. An old but Clean interface.

Destiny UI via https://www.hudsandguis.com/home/2015/5/25/destiny-ui

An insightful review of the UX/UI for Destiny Interface. This came up when I was researching starmaps.

Video Review by ShishiPerv https://www.youtube.com/c/Sushiperv/videos.

There is an article on Medium that goes through the Dieter Rams Design principles used in Destiny.

There is also a GDC Talk on how Destiny tackled their UI in-game. An old but useful talk.

UX/UI of Destiny Review by ShishiPerv

Early GDC 2016 Prototypes


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