Kim Jung Gi Studio Tour teaching online course

Found out about Kim Jung Gi video on his studio tour. There is a lot of coke and toys. Would love to have something of a studio like that someday to create my own worlds.

Facebook Version

I also found that through the channel Kazoneart he is teaching a few programs through their on-demand courses. Which you can watch anytime.

His first one is drawing figures in perspective.

Kazone Art focuses on Portfolio prep for University design courses. Most students I see from their school go to Art Center.

I would not mind taking a program if I live in US.

But if you are not planning to go to Uni, you can take some of the free online content or paid ones. Generally I find it is very good, giving a high level overviews on various process in environment design and character design.

Kim Jung Gi Online Course

Kim Jung Gi talks about his online course and quitting instagram

For live programs at Kazone Art see this link:

Other Interviews and Tips

Playlist by Kazone Art

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