Dino Platformer Dev Log 1


CG BOSS Dev Log 1 on my new 2D Game project.

The goal is to make a simple 2d platofrmer with narrative elements. Something I am trying to accomplish in the next couple of months or sprints.

Not sure how long it will take but the last two weeks we’re just experimenting with Unity.

Things I went through, from my past two week sprint

  • Input System
  • Creating the player input
  • Game MVP Plan
  • Concept art
  • Pixel Art

Retrospective Sprint 1

  • Just spent most of the time learning unity and how to architect a 2D Game.
  • Trying to figure out the new Input system becuase I want to port it later to iOS
  • Most time spent making the player move and learning C#

Nothing much really happened for this round as I am still learning unity and realise that using a framework will cut down time. I recommend looking at David Whele short course on Unity Learn to get an overview on game development.

One thing I want to do is use a framework such as Corgi Engine. I don’t want to spend time re-inventing the wheel or rebuilding things already solved.

Well it’s just a first dev log on my third game try. Depending on the next 2-3 sprints I might see if I want to commit 6-8 months to see this published as a full game and not a prototype.

One other goal is to put it on the App Store. But that might be for later once I get the game design right.

Sprint 1 Next Steps

  • Look into 2D Game Kit Frameworks to extract the physics and player controller and speed up production time.
  • Firm up game design doc
  • Looking into interaction model
  • Attempt a prototype level
  • Research other platformer games in the market at an indie level

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