Softimage 3d XSI Sumatra Videos and Links

You can read more about XSI on this Blog.

Softimage the once famous CG software that took Computer Character animation to the forefront by creating the famouse animations for Jurassic Park and many Games and Reboot (Animated TV Series). and it competed with Alias|Wavefront, 3DS Max and Houdini as one of the premiere 3D Content creation suites.

I remebered it was used a lot in Game Development over in Japan at companies like Capcom and Konami and Square-Enix

Somehow FFXIII still used XSI

Softimage went through a few transfers of owners from Microsoft to Avid and finally to Autodesk where it was laid to rest.

Here is a video of Daniel Langlois interview on TV about the recent acquisition of SOFTIMAGE by Microsoft.

Some of computer graphics history I will be quoting and using from PressBook.

Softimage was founded in 1986 by National Film Board of Canada filmmaker Daniel Langlois. Langlois wanted to create animated films but was dissatisfied with the existing technology, which he felt was insufficient for his needs and designed to be used by computer scientists and technologists. His vision was a software company that addressed the creation of 3-D animation software not only for, but by artists. He felt that the concept marked a fundamental shift in how the industry viewed visual effects creation and generated a new breed of visual effects artists and animators. Other important members of the company included artist Char Davies (Davies left the company at the end of 1997 to pursue her artistic research separately. ) Several important milestones that have influenced the industry have come from the “artist/technology” vision:

  • the first integrated animation and effects system
  • the first company to port animation tools to PC (NT)
  • a broadening of integration to include post-production – with the release of Softimage|DS (now Avid|DS) and Softimage|XSI
  • the expansion of animation and effects tool accessibility to the mass-markets in games and web content industries.

My first encounter with SOFTIMAGE | 3D

Jurassic Park. That was what got me learning 3D CG VFX and Games Design. Sadly I won’t make anything using softimage.

I even bought the books. Somehow I managed to get a copy to learn on Windows NT. I did not have to enroll into the animation course to use the SGI IRIX Machines, this was around 1998.

Softimage Sumatra to XSI

I think my Laptop is much faster than the SGI or Pentiums back in the day. But it was an interesting take on animation inferfacs

Softimage Seeds today

Avid DS is dead I see it now in Fusion and Davinci Resolve or Mistika

Toonz has become opensourse which is great.

FaceRobot now in various forms of Maya or Face capture.

ICE is in Maya which is also similar to houdini.


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