George Lucas 1979 Interviews

Via The Bearded Trio

Very insightful interview thanks to this podcast Star Wars 7×7 giving an overview of the book and it’s key points. The interviews are based on a rare book published by Author Alan Arnold. Arnold followed George and crew during the filmmaking of Empire to journal down the making of the movie in 1980.

It is a nice look back as I don’t think this book is in print anymore. Other remarkable thing is this guy has a podcast for every day relating to Star Wars.

1979 Book by Alan Arnold

What caught my attention to this book through the podcas was how George Had a big vision that he had a hard time trying to articulate to others to execute.
while the modern audience might have a different memory about their experience of the movies even George himself might change what he thinks now. It’s nice to have a record of what actually happened during that time of the making of Empire and what creative decisions were made.

Creative compromise happens how can we seeking constraints to make they our strengths.

How do you keep your vision intact while still handing off to others to interpret and execute.

I think it’s important to bet on yourself sometimes take chances.

YouTube Version of Star Wars 7×7 podcast

part 2

part 3

Part 4

Episode 2,218: Flashback: 1979 Interviews With George Lucas, Part 4

SW7x7 George Lucas:


SW 7×7 2,125

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