Cappuccino The Anti Clubhouse

Just recently discovered the social app Cappuccino. An audio social app. While the founders don’t have much opinions about clubhouse, they were focused on creating a tool that allows for private communications by default.

I love the graphics it’s so warm and inviting and relaxing. This gives me a vibe of having a Cup of Coffee in a relaxed setting.

One other thing I like about cappuccino is you are limited to 3 min audio uploads something I missed from the early Anchor Days.

Everything about the app feels nice and comfortable.

This is not the founders first time making an audio app or startup according to TechCrunch they have been in startups for a long time in YC and other places.

I have been been looking for an app to record a private podcast on my phone. This where you can talk with a small group of people in asynchronous time posting messages.


This App really nails it from onboarding to getting you to make your audio and sharing it only with your friends and family. I feel with all the Zoom and clubhouses there, an alternative exists for those wanting small tiny groups. Good for introverts.

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