Tokyo Olympics 2020 original opening with gaming anime icons

Proposta inicial da abertura dos Jogos Olímpicos de (Neo) Tóquio incluíam  Akira e Mario | Thunder Wave
Via Thunder Wave

Reading this post shows the leaked proposal plans for Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Makes me sad of what Tokyo could have done to show its culture and heritage.

The original plan was designed by Choreographer Mikiko and Team (She did the dance and Choreography of PERFUME). Was said to use projection mapping techniques to create the futuristic vibes of NEO Tokyo.

Looks like a countdown to the Tokyo Olympics had Akira Bike
PEFUME Come on to Perform

PERFUME hinted at their Olympics Performance Previously. THe kind of Projection Mapping can be seen here in one of there Performances at SXSW 2015. Another example of the projection mapping here.

There was a hint they were going to be at the Olympics.

There was going to be an Akira Bike Racing through Neo Tokyo and Mario with Nintendo and Co. They were going to get Lady Gaga to spring out from a Plumber Pipe from Super Mario World?

The report in English on what could have been is here.

I feel like Now its really as predicted in Akira About the Olympics. Expect without the Mutants its Covid causing the havoc.

I am not sure if its a good thing that it got scaled down it can help control the budget for events as large as the olympics.

I feel that Mikiko had quite big plans as a Choreographer but with the scandals (not around her), mismanagement of budgets and Covid, something unique and eye popping to propel Japan 🇯🇵 back into recovery have been derailed.

Long Reddit Thread below and discussion of Mikiko plans.

As explained by the Japan Times [paywall], the original proposal sent to the IOC (and leaked to Shukan Bunshun) detailed plans for the opening ceremony to be a celebration of Japanese pop culture, featuring the Akira bike, riffs on “Neo Tokyo”, and dancers fitted in uniforms to represent different train stations. The IOC reportedly liked the plans proposed by choreographer Mikiko Mizuno and her team, but thanks to Covid-19 and a series of PR disasters, things began to fall apart. Due to the year delay caused by the pandemic, a new creative director called Hiroshi Sasaki was brought on board in December 2020. Sasaki reportedly cut much of the content and sidelined Mizuno, who subsequently left the team along with several other members. In Spring 2021, Sasaki was the focus of a scandal for suggesting that Watanabe should be dressed as an “Olympig”, following which he resigned from his position.

by Eurogamer


Initial proposal for the opening of the (Neo) Tokyo Olympic Games included Akira and Mario

Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony Original Plan Leaks in Full

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