Kiasu and FOMO Seth Godin The Practice

Do you fear missing out and losing? in Seth Latest book he takes a term out from Singapore 🇸🇬 Though its does not mean it’s good being kiasu 🏃‍♂️⌛️🏁 It’s really the term FOMO and it’s everywhere in the world.

“Kiasu is the Hokkien word for “the fear of being left behind” or not getting enough. It’s a common affliction, not only in Singapore, where the phrase originates, but around the world. Far more than FOMO, it’s a grasping insufficiency that drives many people forward.”

Seth Godin

Seth Godin

The Practice is all about Shipping being Generous and doing work without controlling the outcomes. Showing up to serve.

Sometimes fear takes me but I know it’s something to dance with in order to do the work and ship.

What is your practice?

My inital Impression this book sounds like he is talking to me in my head it feels this way if you get the audio book. But this book is a continuation of his other books to nudge us to take the lead to be a linchpin and stare down “our blank canvases” and do the work. Letting go of preconceived expectations.

I read a few of Seth Books before and they have impacted me in some way. This one is really nudging me to commit to my practice of creating everyday something.

I am glad he has not given up writing ✍️ books 📚after many rejections.

What fuels you?

The Practice: Shipping Creative Work Summary Sketchnote

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