Don’t be a Dabbler – Aim for mastery

I am guilty of this. One problem with many creatives is we crave the new but this can be detrimental to getting things shipped.

I was recently am tempted to try Blender and Switching around my content marketing game plan. Trying new engines. Or working with new workflows. But at the end of the dabbling I shipped nothing.

Go down one door.

There is a process to reaching mastery. And it takes time playing the long game just sticking to one focus.

A Scrub's Journey to Greatness: A look at the Mastery Curve | Frontline  Gaming
Mastery Takes time

This guys articulates what I feel. I think many times we want to quit when we hit that bumps or slopes downwards but it’s part of the journey only at the end we can see what dots to connect.

Have patience to stick with it to get to the depths of Mastery.

Commit to Mastery

Some books for further reading: Deep Work (Cal Newport), Mastery (By George Leonard)

Mastery Summary by George Leonard

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