Difficult Years Play the Long Game


Came across my old blog posts. when I was just learning about storytelling from Chris Oatley School online.

Are you going through something in your journey as a creator? That is difficult?

I think 🤔 somehow we just need to press on. There will be days where it’s just a plateau on the way up ⬆️

Every artist or creator needs to press on into making their stuff and it’s these years of difficult practice where hopefully we get good. Maybe it’s social media where we expect the results sooner than we think. In the video essay Adam used TV Advertising as an example that short the brains of teens to want things sooner maybe now it’s social media.

Sadly the longer version of the video is no longer around. And I think it may be time to expect these difficult years in a craft.

Play the long game.

Watch the Delve Essays by Adam Westbrook

The missing chapters

Painting in the Dark. Vincent Van Gogh.

This essay feels like The Practice Book

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