Final Fantasy 9 Animated Kids Show Squaresoft and Transmedia

Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano for FF9

Bringing back classics.

Just came across an article (via Siliconera) where they were showcasing the Final Fantasy 9 he’s going to be made into a kids animated TV show. The main production will be handled by Paris Cyber Group starting year end 2021 or early 2022.

Square-Enix is probably planning to reintroduce this game to a younger audiences since the designs world and style of Hironobu Sakaguchi last game before leaving Squaresoft. Which I feel is a traditional final fantasy game of the Retro SNES days

Final Fantasy IX Animated TV Show Announced - Push Square


I remembered that Ff9 was the last FF for the ps1. I don’t think they did any other media products with this one. It will be interesting to see how they revamp this into a Transmedia property.

There was an art book it was quite popular with my classmates back in animation school.

Check out this FF9 Tumblr for more pics of the book

Final Fantasy 9 celebrated its 20th Anniversary last year. Siliconera has a 3 Part interview with the creators which may be of interest to see the design changes and upgrades to the remaster projects.

Some rare interviews when Squaresoft developed Final Fantasy 9

It will be interesting to see how this brand being re introduced to younger audiences.

Final Fantasy IX Director Hiroyuki Ito Talks About the Theme of “Returning to Roots”

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