Owning your own Show

I came across this article on cartoon brew about most animations and creators don’t own their own show. Except the creators of South Park.

one point that I am not sure is that young creators should sign away their creations to distribution companies. So as to forge ties

A comment made was what is the point of sweating creating, when the value you create to forge ties earning about $10-$10,000 for a show and giving ownership of your creations over to companies.

This sounds like what Robert Kirkman said in 2015 for comics, to have something you own eventually you can monetize off.

It always best to own the work you bled and sweated over. Otherwise, what’s the point of creating it.


Crowdfunding like what Angel Funding or Fig (For Games) are doing, might be better in between to get a stake in the project and some potential reward. This is one point I agree an feel that might be a way forward to own your own IP so you can monetize it.

Not everyone is going to have a South Park Hit but creators should have their creations best Interest by not giving up too much of their Ownership.

Someday I would like to be involved in investing in creations as well as using this model of crowdfunding to create story worlds. This can help ensure some stake is in a project to be greenlit for both parties creators, fans and financiers.


Cartoon Brew on Creator Owned Shows

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