CAPCOM on Making Hit Video Games

Capcom Characters

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How does capcom make hit video games? A short news interview with CEO Haruhiro Tsujimoto from Japanese TV channel.

Capcom I believe once they had a hit game like street fighter, they start to capitalise on the brand awareness. This has propelled the company forward as a premier game developer.

While they have made their main content gaming media, Capcom Has also dabbled a lot in various Transmedia franchises like the Resident Evil Movies.

One pillar is by creating and leveraging their chracter brand from the various storyworlds and franchises.

Capcom Characters via

Now they are doing it with Monster Hunter. With a movie staring Milla Jovovich.

Monster Hunter trailer

There was a previous attempt with an Anime too Monster Hunter Ride On

While the movies don’t follow the game franchise timeline it’s a good way to bring in audiences that may not play games.

I have not visited the Capcom store before but this is a similar strategy used by other gaming companies leveraging again the character brand.

Capcom Store in Osaka

I do hope they would bring back Darkstalkers someday.

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