Yoshiyuki Tomino 3 Years Left Working in Anime

Turn A and Yoshiyuki Tomino via tsukinomayu.com

3 More years in Anime. At 79 He has had an illustrious career creating one of the most genre defintion mecha franchise Gundam. But with some health conditions he has about 3 more years left to direct anime.

The interview was with Weekly Playboy with a nice summary on Anime News Network.

One thing I admire and hope and aspire too is to continue to work as a “Creator” and Maker right up till I am 79.

GunJap.net Interview EBS

In the same interview, Tomino stated that he has had no participation in the Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway film, which is based on the three-volume novel series he wrote from 1989 to 1990. Although he has no comment about the film, describing it as the work of the director, he said that he might have had passionate discussions with the director about the adaptation if he was not so busy with the Gundam: Reconguista in G compilation films at the time. He remarked that he now understands the position that Osamu Tezuka was in when Tomino directed the Triton of the Sea TV anime adaptation. He described Tezuka as someone who was very hands-off with the anime’s production and tactfully restrained from expressing his feelings as the original creator.

“It makes me very happy that I’m now in Tezuka’s shoes, but… Oh dear,” he said, covering his face with his hands. “It means I’ve reached a certain age. Right, I’ll be 80 soon!”

When asked about the Gundam live-action Hollywood adaptation, he said that he also generally has no comment about that. However, he did admit that he would have liked to be asked to direct it himself, even though he does understand that at his age he is too old to make live-action works at Hollywood. He acknowledged from personal experience as a student that filming is physically demanding work.

“As I am now, I don’t have that much stamina left in me. So please let me say that we all ought to value the elderly a little more,” he said with a laugh.

Despite his advanced age, Tomino maintains an ambitious outlook towards anime. In a TV appearance in April, he said, “Giant robot shows are for kids, but while I’m alive and can make new works, I’ll crush Demon Slayer and Evangelion. If I didn’t think that ambitiously, I wouldn’t be making TV anime past the age of 80.”

Via Anime News Network


An old interview with Yoshiyuki Tomino

GunJap.net Interview EBS 2014 for Gundam G Reco


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