Ready Player One Concept where the player plays a game in the dystopia future

Not crazy about the Centralised Metaverse I rather play outside

This post caught my attention by Niantic CEO John Hanke creators of Pokémon Go on the metaverse and it’s implication for a Dystopian Future.

A lot of people these days seem very interested in bringing this near-future vision of a virtual world to life, including some of the biggest names in technology and gaming. But in fact these novels served as warnings about a dystopian future of technology gone wrong.

At Niantic, we ask the question: what if technology could make us better? Could it nudge us get us off the couch and out for an evening stroll or a Saturday in the park? Could it draw us into public space and into contact with neighbors we might never have met? Could it give us a reason to call a friend, make plans with our families, or even discover brand new friends? Collectively, could it help us discover the magic, history, and beauty hiding in plain sight?

Niantic post

I feel that Facebook with its history of creating addicting media will not be so virtuous in their endeavors unless users pay for the service or set some boundaries by a governing body.

While I applaud Facebook, Epic and others trying to recreate a Ready Player One type of computing, I feel that a blend of using technology as a side tool rather than something we use front and Center in our lives like we have seen in this Pandemic (Coronavirus), with so many zoom calls and screen time might not be all that positive. I don’t think we are there yet in how we interface well with devices today like our mobile phones.

Possible prevention of repeating Facebook problems such as addiction and misinformation would be a decentralized version of Metaverses and into the real world. We need tools rather than centralised services on a single platform.

Pokémon GO Fest Nintendo Niantic

I am looking forward to a blend of VR and AR as long as we won’t be made to sit in a place

I am hopeful for Niantic AR future with its real world metaverse, which is less Dystopia than VR Immersive where you can isolate yourself. Though I would like to get into some of these virtual worlds to enjoy.

They are already trying to build glasses which can overlay information in the real world and it can be more useful. I see VR being an enhancement to current gaming consoles and entertainment where you can if the app experience are designed correctly be enjoyable for a limited time. I am not that keen to join in the social metaverse where you are “On all the Time”

Pokemon Go studio boss says the ‘metaverse’ is a “dystopian nightmare”

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