Entrepreneur quit social media

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels.com

I keep getting quitting videos in my YouTube feed about other people quitting social media this one that came up was an entrepreneur.

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You can read more about it based on her video on her blog website. About her stopping but she took steps to look at herself and found she felt that social media was using her to lose her true self.

Here are some quotes from her blog post.

At first, I won’t lie, I turned this low engagement into a deeply painful story that my work didn’t matter. Nobody cared.

But then I realized this was an opportunity to seek validation from within. To recognize that the universe was pushing me to go beyond my comfort zone and reach new people in a different way, a way that aligns with my soul and opens me up to an even deeper expression of who I really am.

As I released the lie that I am not enough, I wondered — if this isn’t bringing me joy and it’s not building my business, why am I doing it?

I think one may lose your true self in sharing your gifts as you chase the likes and the addictiveness of the platform.

I preferred to explore other marketing options out there. One idea I had was to bring some form of Digital and Print Fanzine to promote my work and other blog works as well. But to do that I would need to pull away from social.

There is another article of another business person looking to quit aspects of social media but not the SEO Social parts.


broganmicallef.com – quitting-social-media-guide
Quit Social Media for your Business

Social Search is something I am interested in doing more its similar to SEO. The only two platforms that seem to come up in search are pinterst and YouTube. I see those two platforms as search engines.

Having since tried a few digital detoxes I am more ready to leave the social media behind. I fear for the open web and new metaverse that will clamp down on our individual expressions.

Making this blog has not been easy but I gained some traction over the walled gardens over at Facebook and Twitter. I am more keen to try alternative marketing options for sharing creations and other works.

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