Fantasian The Lost Final Fantasy by Hironobu Sakaguchi

This post contains videos to Interviews and Review Links of the Game and the creator.

Fantasia Key illustration art
Key Illustration Art

One thing that strikes me is this guy is still making games in is light years. I wonder if I can, I only just started in the last year experimenting with Unity and Unreal to make little games, just before the pandemic (end-2019). I read somewhere that it might be his last game.

It is a bit unusual that this game is made exclusive for Apple Arcade, it was announced sometime in 2019. I hope it comes to other platforms other an iOS, like Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch.

One key feature is that during the making of the game they used dioramas hand build set pieces that were later 3d Scanned and digitized. You can read about it in this VGC Article.

There is some of a style and nostalgia of Hironobu Sakaguchi Games which focuses on story. I might get a new iPhone 11 or SE to play this game.

During one of the interview Sakaguchi talked about not following game trends and made a game in the style he used to make similar to FFVI or FFV. He got this idea to return to his style of classic rpg game while streaming the game FFVI with Famitsu. While this may be good or bad I feel that him returning to his roots is what he does best.

As someone that likes stories and games, I like games that can draw me into the storyworld.

Fantasia Illustration
Fantasia Illustration – Mistwalker

Interviews with Hironobu Sakaguchi

Resonant Arc Interview with Mistwalker Fantasian Hironobu Sakaguchi

Resonant Arc Interview: Topics Covered

  • Gaming Mega Trends
  • Influences from Western Games
  • Manga & Story Beats

Music by Nobu Uematsu

It is also sad to hear that Nobu Uematsu might be the last time composing for Fantasy JRPG Games.

Streaming on Apple Music and Spotify
Spotify Music

Press Art and Logos

Dropbox Link


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