The Oatmeal Quit Social Media

I recently came across this article and comic by the OatMeal. A long running web comic artist, draws a comic on how to reach people on the internet today 2021.

How it used to be reaching people on the internet

He laments over the change we see in the internet, everyone goes to a few large websites and rarely see other small ones. You have to pay a lot to get views on your post or boost as they call it. See his post on this what it used to be.

I feel with the upcoming VR and Metaverses there will be an even more pervasive closed walled ecosystem and not enabling individuals to create their own platform.

The comic is a reminder to build your own digital website you can own. Use these platforms as tools to gain awareness if you can but always have a place to call your own.

I see as a Walled Garden but its walls are short where you can take your content and host it elsewhere, when you feel like it.


The OatMeal also was mention on the Yah Lah But Podcast about his social media post.

Listen in at 1:09:00 it’s near the end of the now last five minutes.

The Oatmeal Reaching people on the Internet in 2021

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