Rare footage of Capcom Osaka and its 90s Artists

Making Marvel vs Street Fighter 90s era CAPCOM. WIth Akiman one of CAPCOM illustrators appearing in the interview.


CAPCOM back in the 90s have some of the best video game art that inspired a lot of gamers and other creators with their iconic francises. Some these artist are Shoei, Bengus, Sensei, Ikeno, Akiman, Edayan and Nishimura Kinu

Images and descriptions via Restera

Bengus CRMK

BENGUS Street Fighter Art
Marvel vs Capcom poster by bengus


Akira”Akiman” Yasuda joined Capcom in 1985. Over the course of many years, Akiman has created amazing character artwork and posters for some of Capcom’s most iconic games, including: Street Fighter Alpha (series), Street Fighter 2 (series), Street Fighter III (series), Final Fight, Warzard, Star Gladiator (series),Power Stone (series) and many others.
He is the creator of the first lady of fighting games,Chun-Li,and was also responsible for editing Capcom’s Street Fighter Anatomy Reference Guide, which was used to teach other Capcom artists since the mid 90’s.

Old interview with Shumpnations

Akiman SF2 Classic Characters

Kinu Nishumura

Kinu Nishumura began working at capcom in 1991.Her real name is unknown -as her alias originated from her mother’s maiden name- and she is affectionately referred to as “Kinu-sensei”.She has worked of Street Fighter III,New Generation and 2nd Impact,999,and Code of Princess.
Kinu is without a doubt my absolute favorite illustrator.regardless or medium.Absolutely Everything from her composition,to how she draws her female characters. Her use of color is impeccable and she absolutely slays in playful art pieces

Kinu Nishumura
capcom-characters back when Dino Crisis was in fashion
Power Stone Art

Daigo Ikeno

Daigo Ikeno began working for Capcom in 1994.He is known for his work on Street Fighter III:Third Strike,Devil Mat Cry,CvS2,and Street Fighter IV.
Ikeno has a keen eye for martial art posing that I havent seen matched other than by Akira Toriyama.He is phenomenal at group compositions.



Edayan is a Capcom artist best known for his work Rival Schools and Ace Attorney,but he still manages to do work on the Street Fighter series,including his phenomenal work on the SFII Turbo Revival.
His pen name “Edayan” was a nickname used by his older brother when they were younger. Edayan was hired by Capcom after entering a Darkstalkers drawing contest for Capcom.

The way Edayan he draws faces and expressions really makes his characters stand out. His characters always seem to be moving, even when simply standing upright. He’s also a master at making clothing and other minute details stand out. Edayan is a master artist and one of my favorite artist.


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