Venture Anime Series

Found this anime series on Kickstarter by AI Engineer and Animator Akiyama Sho. He created this slice of life anime to showcase what’s it like to be in the Tokyo tech startup scene. He is also Looking to improve processes in making anime maybe combining AI and Machine Learning.

It’s cool to see independent works from Japan coming out on to Kickstarter. And it’s inspiring for others as well to go down the indie route.

Venture is a slice-of-life anime series set at an international tech startup in Tokyo!

Kicstarter Project info from the creator:

I’m Akiyama Sho (pen name)/Carlo Virtucio (legal name), a director/animator who also works as a software engineer at an international AI startup in Tokyo. I have been creating short animated films and researching methods on how to create Japanese anime more efficiently since 2017. More information about myself and previous works can be found on my portfolio website:

For my next work, I plan to create Venture, a slice-of-life comedy anime set at an international tech startup in Tokyo. Below is an 8-minute pilot episode I wrote, directed, and animated mostly alone for 6 months to show a proof-of-concept for how the series will play out. 

Episode 1.1

Venture Anime Series (ベンチャーアニメシリーズ) Ep 1.1

Let me know what you think of this indie anime find.

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