Haruhiko Mikimoto character design illustrations from Macross to Gundam

via Imgur

I remembered seeing his Macross 2 artworks illustrations as a teenager and only recently learned he did the poster for Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket. I actually started to watch Gundam and seeing the poster made me do more googling on him.

District Water color style artwork and a soft touch which makes mecha feel more airy and light.

Recently he has a new character design book published in addition to the previous illustrations one in 1992

Do purchase his latest book Haruhiko Mikimoto Character Design Archives here at Basheer.

For a review you can read it on ParkaBlogs.


https://m.imgur.com/t/haruhiko_mikimoto/puPuldR Provided the Cover illustration to Gundam Hathaway


  • Shotaro Ishinomori (Manga illustrator)
  • Yoko Tsuyatsu (Shojo Artist)
  • Yoshihiko Yasuhiko (Soft-style Painter)
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