NFT the Hype and potential for creator

NFT Hype

By the time this os published NFT will have moved on in value or not. I really do think there is potential.

NFT are a dangerous trap in the Short Term. The Bubble is going to burst or has burst at the time of this writing.

Its a gold rush in the short term. Similar to Internet 1999 where a lot of shell companies are created only a few will hold value.

Check out videos below this on this for Artist wanting to get into NFT.

Firstly I feel that cost of creating NFT needs to be addressed though I think in the future it might come down with better tech.

The platform like Foundation take up to 70% of the processing fees or Gas ⛽️ 💨 You have to pay to use the Blockchain Network.

NFT represent your tokenized social currency similar to Likes and Follows except there is value assinged to it. So if you do have a big following you can make some potential gains in the NFT Space.

At the moment I am not sure if casual investor folks know how ot create a token wallet or want to go through the hassle for it.



But Looking beyond the HYPE i feel that the NFT ideas are here to stay some things one artist or creator can do:

Build a good brand that sounds like a cliche.

You can make digital assets for your brand or future IP. 

I think card collectables are a great entry point into this space for non crypto enthusiast. Its easier to wrap your head around this.

Ben Mauro has talked about some possibilities about using it to raise money for future art projects.

NFT can be a way to value current pop culture status. In the future everyone may have one similar to how everyone has a social media account. I believe there will be different platforms to power it similar to how there are many social media platforms

There is a good case for making art and deploying it to NFT for your own projects just be careful of following trends and paying Gas Fees.

Other Thoughts

It’s going to be an arms race to the bottom if you follow trends.

I think it’s better to be one of the platform holders since they do the facilitation on the blockchain networks

The potential is how it can affect IP creation which is what is cool if I were to launch a project

What Investors or Collectors are looking for? You need to have a voice and something of a cultural touchstone on the current world and history this was something mentioned by Ben Mauro

Other Media Resources on NFT

Whale Community NFT interview Ben Mauro One of the prominent NFT Concept Artist that did a few drops.

Andrew Price Podcast

Art Department Podcast

Noam Kroll podcast interview

Noam Kroll NFT for Filmmakers

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Garyvee summary on NFT the Bubble and the Future

What are NFTs?
NTF Bubble

Right now NFT is a bubble but its something I would like to experiment in the future. I think its might be better to see what it might ential for the block chain than chasing social media posts.

Alex Becker Warning on NFTs

Alex Becker Warning on NFT

NFT sites

Flow Blockchain and Viv3

WAX Blockchain

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