My Name is William. I am a Multimedia Artist / Designer. I am involved in visual designs and image making and have had the privilege to work with various companies like URA, Singhealth, Trane, GovTech and small productions. Contributing images and designs to projects.

I Love to learn and take time to upgrade myself with new knowledge or insights.

When not doing UX or Design, I aspire to be a world builder of imaginatin and a creative storyteller. I have an interest to make movies and do urban sketching / daydreaming new ideas or concepts.

For a detail view of my CV please go to Linkedin 

Skills & Specialties :

  • Concept & Graphics Design
  • Video Editing & HDSLR Production
  • 2D Sketching Ideation
  • CG/3D Generalist
  • Project Management

Thank you for visiting.

-William, Teh