Art of treasure planet

A bunch of cool artworks and sketch from treasure planet sadly we will never see a sequel.

Link to Full Album:


Frank Frazetta Fantasy Master

Painting with Fire

Some cool videos of the master Frank Frazetta, one of the most accomplished fantasy painter of sexy babes.

I only came to know about this artist in recent years but his famous Death Adder and various fantasy pieces of sexy babes and strong muscle men killing orcs and demons. He also did various covers for books and magazines which I saw as a child somewhere.

One thing I come to appreciate is his use of storytelling in a single image. You know in 3 seconds what is going on and what to expect next.

E3 2017 Trailers Part 01

Some cool stuff from Microsoft Conference, Sony Conference from This year E3. Lots of multiplatform titles that you can get and looking forward to some old franchises and new Ones.

Anthem: Glad there is more gameplay shown and some interviews.

Devil May Cry 5. Nero is back finally a true Sequel to Dveil May Cry 4.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Halo Infinite

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Platinum Games Babylon Fall

Death Stranding: Really cool to see the graphics running real time and its very realistic for human CG characters.

Ghost of Tsushima by Sucker Punch.

Some cool Indie Games:

Sable by shedworks games announced in 2017.

Ashen for Xbox by Aurora 44

Cup Noodles Hungry Days

One thing cool about anime in Japan is Brands use the art form and medium for cross promotion of products.

The 3 commercials feature some of Japan’s iconic characters from Anime like Heidi Girl from the Alps, Kiki from Studio Ghibli and Sazae-san a manga series written and illustrated by Machiko Hasegawa. The characters from these series were updated to be given a modern day twist and a high school look and feel which is a theme for certain anime types.

The theme was “Youth” for this series and was by 3 different directors of a Condom Ad and Pokemon Go ad and Gravaty Cat. The Nissin Commercials that can initially look like trailers for full fledge animation movies only to reveal the Cup Noodle Nissin Brand at the end.

Cup noodles has been know to incorporate a different style of promotion and marketing their products through anime such as earlier attempts with the FREEDOM project which had designs from Katsuhiro Otomo.

The animation created there have quite a lot of creative freedom there rather than letting animation be bound to what typically animation is usually a cartoony look and feel it have an obvious product placement.

This is a good series to study animation and its fluid motions. And how to put old characters into a new design setting.























































Some Video talking about how this Series of  ads got started.






Album of Hungry Days Artworks:

Video/Music producer and MarComms designer, Morita Eiiti , View more Nissin Cup noodle ads here.【video】/amp/