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  • cgboss

    MGS2 MGS3 Removed from Stores

    MGS 2 & 3 Removed from Digital Store shelf over some licensing issues of old historical archival footage.

  • Facebook Meta – Links to an Aspirational Vision

    Facebook is changing to Meta Links to the video and tldr

  • NFT the Hype and potential for creator

    NFT Hype By the time this os published NFT will have moved on in value or not. I really do think there is potential. NFT are a dangerous trap in the Short Term. The Bubble is going to burst or has burst at the time of this writing. Its a gold rush in the short term. Similar to Internet 1999 where a lot of shell companies are created only a few will hold value. Check out videos below this on this for Artist wanting to get into NFT. Firstly I feel that cost of creating NFT needs to be addressed …

  • Facebook rebrands itself ‘Meta’ — MacDailyNews

    Facebook has rebranded itself “Meta,” the company said on Thursday, in a rebrand that focuses on its ambitions building the “metaverse”… Facebook rebrands itself ‘Meta’ — MacDailyNews I wrote before that not that hopeful about the metaverse but in terms of tech and future development platform may be interesting. I do think it could be a platform that creators can engage to build fans. I may be slowly changing my thoughts about VR and the Metaverse though I still think AR has a better change of going mainstream. Announcing @Meta — the Facebook company’s new name. Meta is helping to build …

  • LIGHTYEAR Origin Trailer released

    LIGHTYEAR origin movie trailer drop

  • Anime Retro Yukikaze Making of behind the scenes

    Not a very well know series but I really enjoyed watching it during my time in the Air Force. I remembered being intrigued with the plane designes and world the pilots operate in. Its a story about two guys and …

  • Studio Trigger Live Drawing on Twitch via Patreon

    Studio Trigger Live Drawing on Twitch via Patreon

  • Haruhiko Mikimoto character design illustrations from Macross to Gundam

    I remembered seeing his Macross 2 artworks illustrations as a teenager and only recently learned he did the poster for Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket. I actually started to watch Gundam and seeing the poster made me do more …

  • Squid Game director on holding on for 10 years to make series

    I found this post via Film Courage on a tweet that was made by Squid Game director Hwang Don Hyuk. He kept getting rejections for the project for 10 years and ran into money problems writing the script. Though it sounded like he was not that terrible in debt he had to go through a lot to get the film financed facing rejections multiple times. This instagram post on how he had financial struggles to get his tv series made. Influences and other info He was also influenced by Japanese Manga and Animation and Battle Royale. which could have contributed …

  • Squid Game WHAT IF had Transmedia Story World

    How I might develop Squid Game into a Transmedia franchies. With Netflix Trying to get into gaming with their recent accquisition, that is one possible medium to use. In this short podcast I discuss about some what if for squid …

  • cgboss

    REPOST The Tokyo Game Show 2021 under the epidemic is a direct hit! -funglr Games

    Looks like even in pandemic times TGS still has the good vibes. it has both offline with limited attendees and it’s online streaming version. The images …

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